On your way to happy employees
Internal communication platform for employee engagement and evaluation
Enterprise needs customizable HR solution with gamification elements
Benefit management
Additional benefits provided by the company to its employees.
Points and gamification
Employees are collecting points of different activities on the platform, then maneuvering them for fighting different awards.
Employee awards
The opportunity for employees to fight for their current awards is through the playing elements.
Satisfaction measurements
Employees mark their emotional status daily, allowing the leadership to learn a common mood in the office. Opportunity to view your own statistics.
Challenge management
Various challenges for the company's employees - both team and individual.
Data and Analyticism
A variety of data and analytics tailored to your business's needs and spotlights.
A simple way to find out the employees' views on a variety of topical issues for your business.
Quick and effective feedback to employees.
Internal communication
Quick and convenient communication between colleagues, both in different departments and in the company
Training management
he ability to add different courses, to the professional growth of employees.
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Companies with "Benefits"
For Employers
"Benefits" provides a staff engagement and motivation tool to reward employees for loyalty by allowing them to choose their own benefits, create a positive motivation, and promote engagement and productivity. "Benefits" help you to better understand the needs and interests of your employees.
For employees
"Benefits" provides access to exclusive offers, insurance and prize lotteries - each employee can choose the most relevant motivation. Employees earn points for good performance and loyalty, save on sports, recreation, entertainment and other daily expenses, as well as participate in lotteries and auctions for valuable prizes.
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