On your way to happy employees
Attract, engage and reward the best employees by providing freedom of choice!
It is virtually impossible to adapt to different generations and different desires of the employees and besides, it requires a lot of time and energy! By Using "MyBenefits" You allow yor employees to choose what is most relevant Benefit to them. We know - when your employees are happy, you are happy too!
Hundreds of different offers
Employees gain access to a wide range of offers and discounts in the most popular locations in Riga!.
Increased loyalty
Employees earn points for the time they work and get more opportunities with each month they are loyal to your compny
Awards and gift lotteries
Employees choose by themselves to which prizes they want to apply, thus getting the most relevant ones for them
The guarantee of safety
Employees recieve a special Life and Accident Insurance, which oparetas 24/7 worldwide..
Health and sports
A healthy lifestyle and sport is not a cheap pleasure. Your employees will gain access to extensive discounts at sports clubs and stores.
Customizable for your needs
Choose the benefits according to your business needs.
Anywhere and anytime.
The platform can be accessed from all smart devices
Full support
No robots - real peaople who will give You help and support.
Request a benefit
Can not find what matters to your employees? Tell us and we will arrange it!
Integration of the system.
Does the company already have a motivation system? Great! We will help to supplement it with "MyBenefits".
Companies with "MyBenefits"
For Employers
"Benefits" provides a staff engagement and motivation tool to reward employees for loyalty by allowing them to choose their own benefits, create a positive motivation, and promote engagement and productivity. "Benefits" help you to better understand the needs and interests of your employees.
For employees
"Benefits" provides access to exclusive offers, insurance and prize lotteries - each employee can choose the most relevant motivation. Employees earn points for good performance and loyalty, save on sports, recreation, entertainment and other daily expenses, as well as participate in lotteries and auctions for valuable prizes.
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