On your way to happy employees
"Benefits" provides employee insurance, a wide range of discounts and a motivational awards for the best employees.
Easy! Just like 1+1
We will take care of everything to save you time and make your employees happier.
1. Registration
Employees receive an e-mail link that allows them to use the "MyBenefits" account and register their personal benefits profile.
2. Profile activation
Activating the profile
employee's get:

- Access to information about their insurance coverage.

- Access to discounts and special offers.

- An activated point and prize lottery module.

4. Insurance
In his profile, the employee has access to information about insurance coverage, its activities, and contacts to the publisher or insurance broker.
5. Points and awards
By registering profiles, the employee's begin to collect points, which they use to win prizes in lotteries and auctions.

Points can be obtained for:

- Worked days within the company,
- With answers to questions,
- By opening links and files,
- For other employer specified functions.

6. Lotteries
The employee chooses the prize he/she wants and confirms participation in the lottery.

The lottery ticket value is removed from the accumulated points.

The lottery starts at the scheduled time or when the maximum number of ickets is purchased.

The more employees have points, the more options they have.

7. Auctions
For valuable prizes, employees have the
opportunity to participate in auctions.

The owner of the highest point bet is awarded with the prize, others get back their points.

The employee is working longer, the more he
performs tasks that are given by employer, the
more points he gets, thus, increasing his chances

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